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MCEER Bulletin, Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 2006

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Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 2006

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FHWA Advisory Panel Reviews Progress

The Advisory Panel for MCEER’s current FHWA project held their second meeting May 2, 2006 in Buffalo, New York. Project Director George Lee and Panel Chair Phil Yen, FHWA, welcomed the group following opening remarks by MCEER Director Michel Bruneau.

The purpose of the meeting was to review progress on the three major thrust areas: multiple hazard design, accelerated bridge construction in seismic regions, and innovative seismic protection technologies. Dr. Lee explained the importance of these topics as well as the sharing of information at several planned international workshops and conferences. University at Buffalo researchers delivered presentations on their ongoing research and fielded questions from the invited experts. The research team includes: George Lee, Project Director; Jerome O’Connor, Project Manager, Il-Sang Ahn, Amjad Aref, Michel Bruneau, Stuart Chen, Michael Constantinou, Andre Filiatrault, Yu-Chen Ou, Mike Tong, Methee Chiewanichakorn, Zach Liang, Jongbin Seo and Helen Xu.

Serving on the Advisory Panel are: Phil Yen, FHWA, Chair; Harry Capers, NJDOT; George Christian, NYDOT; Ian Friedland, FHWA; Tim Ingham, T.Y. Lin International; John Kulicki, Modjeski & Masters; Joe Penzien, ICEC; Firas Ibrahim, FHWA; Roy Imbsen, Consultant; Rich Pratt, AKDOT; Kevin Thompson, Caltrans; and Ed Wasserman, TNDOT.

A follow-up meeting will be held in Snowbird, Utah in conjunction with the AASHTO Bridge Engineers’ Annual Meeting in May 2006.