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MCEER Bulletin, Volume 22, Number 1, December 2008

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Volume 22, Number 1, December 2008

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New Report Explores Issues in Multi-Hazard Bridge Engineering

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Major national and manmade disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, accidents and even intentional attacks can affect highway bridges, interfering with rescue and recovery operations and the daily economic activity of the area served by the damaged bridge. To mitigate the impact of the loss or closing of highway bridges, multi-hazard design principles and guidelines are needed.

The report, Design of Highway Bridges Against Extreme Hazard Events: Issues, Principles and Approaches, is the first in a series dedicated to exploring the key issues and challenges facing the bridge community in developing multi-hazard design principles for highway bridges. The contributors offer perspectives from academia, private practice and government agencies that can serve as the basis for the development of a comprehensive research agenda in this important area. They include: