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MCEER Bulletin, Volume 23, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2009

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Volume 23, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2009

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Multi-Hazard Bridge Project Closely Aligned with AASHTO’s Strategic Plan for US Bridges

George Lee, principal investigator of MCEER’s Federal Highway Administration-funded research project on “Principles of Multiple-Hazard Design for Highway Bridges,” updated AASHTO’s Technical Committee T-5 on Loads and Load Distribution on progress to date in the ongoing research project.

In the project, MCEER is critically examining the fundamental approaches used in bridge design today in order to better account for extreme events including potential vehicular or vessel collision, hurricane forces, and wave vulnerability, among others. Harry Capers, Arora Associates, former state bridge engineer from New Jersey, is assisting MCEER by providing end user input and acting as a liaison with appropriate AASHTO technical committees. Dr. Phil Yen is FHWA’s contract officer technical representative.

The mid-year meeting, chaired by Sue Hida, Caltrans, included state bridge engineers, and was held on January 22, 2009, in Alexandria, Virginia.