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MCEER Bulletin, Volume 25, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2011

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Volume 25, Number 1, 2011

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MCEER Research Featured in Two New Books

Two new books have recently been published that feature the work of current and former MCEER investigators.

Structural Dampening


Natural Hazard Mitigation Policy


MCEER’s research on the seismic retrofit of acute care facilities, particularly the integration of engineering issues with organizational constraints, is featured in a new book by Daniel Alesch, Lucy Arendt and Willam Petak. Natural Hazard Mitigation Policy: Implementation, Organizational Choice and Contextual Dynamics presents an interdisciplinary analysis of California’s efforts to ensure that acute care hospitals survive an earthquake and continue to function in their aftermath.The book aims to improve our understanding of the effectiveness of public policies intended to mitigate the consequences of natural hazard events. The 238 page hardcover book is available from Springer for $129.00 as part of its Environmental Hazards series.

Structural Damping: Applications in Seismic Response Modification, by Zach Liang, George C. Lee, Gary F. Dargush and Jianwei Song, is a self-contained resource on damping design principles. The aim of the book is to help engineers design supplemental damping devices to reduce earthquake-induced structural vibrations—especially when the level of damping is high or when nonlinearities are important design issues. The book tackles limitations of conventional design practice and explores how to improve them to handle enhanced damping. It includes design examples, based on the authors’ research and practical experience, to illustrate approaches that include higher-level supplemental damping to complement the use of the current NEHRP/ASCE-7 provisions. The 581 page hardcover book is available from CRC Press as part of its Advances in Earthquake Engineering Series.