Research Activities

NCEER-INCEDE Coordination Workshop

The first coordination meeting between NCEER and the International Center for Disaster Mitigation Engineering (INCEDE) of Japan was held February 2-3, 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The workshop program focused on the four primary thrust areas of the Center-to-Center research project. These are: water, gas and power systems, transportation systems, damage assessment immediately after earthquakes, and knowledge transfer and communication.

Invited participants discussed these thrust areas as they related to post-earthquake reconstruction, to assess research needs and develop a collaborative research agenda. A primary focus was on experiences associated with the Northridge and Kobe earthquakes. Specific projects are currently being determined based on the outcome of the coordination workshop. Participants in the research activities will be identified based on the priority of the research proposed, its potential to benefit both sides, and available resources.

NCEER Director George Lee and INCEDE Director T. Katayama organized the workshop, which included over 20 researchers from both the U.S. and Japan (see photo). It is the first formal event of the Center-to-Center project to develop post-earthquake reconstruction strategies. Ongoing evolution of the research agenda for this program will be reported on NCEER's world wide web (WWW) site as developments occur. The WWW address is .

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