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Highway Project Research Committee

The Highway Project Research Committee met at the University of Southern California on February 5, 1996. The Committee reviewed reports and recommendations from the Highway Seismic Research Council on research progress to date, and initiated plans for future research studies. In addition, the Committee planned a series of research coordination meetings which will be held this spring for all project researchers.

On February 6, Research Committee members Ian Buckle, Ian Friedland, John Mander and Geoff Martin visited Rockwell International's Energy Technology Information Center (ETEC), in order to assess the capabilities of the Center and determine potential applicability to Highway Project research. ETEC has two facilities which could be useful to highway project researchers. The first is a shake table laboratory which includes four individually controlled uni-axial tables, each with 50k capacity. The tables can be set up to run individually or linked to provide capacity for one 200k specimen. The maximum facility size is 20' by 40'. Table parameters include:

The second facility is the isolator bearing test rig. The rig has the following testing capabilities:

This facility is currently under contract to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation's HITEC to conduct tests on 14 different earthquake protective systems for bridges.

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