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Enidine-NCEER-UB Project Focuses on Applications of RSPM

NCEER is a member of a new academic-industry partnership formed to investigate the potential use of real-time structural parameter modification (RSPM) for earthquake protective system applications. The partnership involves the University at Buffalo, Enidine Inc. and NCEER.

NCEER Director George Lee, together with Dr. Zhong Liang, research assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University at Buffalo and Dr. Mai Tong, an NCEER research scientist, developed the RSPM technology, which the University at Buffalo has licensed to Enidine. RSPM is a structural vibration reduction system which adaptively changes the physical parameters of a structure based on dynamic information such as ground motions and the structure's response to these motions. The control algorithm is modeled after human body motion control principles. The system is described further in technical report NCEER-95-0012, Real-Time Structural Parameter Modification: Development of Innervated Structures.

Enidine, Inc. is headquartered in Orchard Park, New York. The company manufactures and markets industrial shock absorbers, seismic dampers, and vibration isolators with applications in robotics, materials handling, packaging, defense, aerospace and seismic systems.

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