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ICAROS '96 Seminar

ICAROS '96 will be held November 25-29, 1996 in Puerto LaCruz, Venezuela. It is the third in a series of seminars dedicated to mitigating natural disasters in the Caribbean, as an international demonstration project within the framework of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR). The seminar is jointly organized by the governments of France and Venezuela. For additional information, please contact: Juan Murria, c/o FUNVISIS, Caracas, Venezuela; fax: (58) 2 257-99-77; email: dptoct@funvisis.internet.ve or Adelín Villevieille or Guy Deneufbourg, c/o Uati-Wfeo/Dirdn, Paris, France; fax: (33 1) 43 06 29 27.

International Conference and Exposition on Natural Disaster Reduction

ASCE has rescheduled the International Conference and Exposition on Natural Disaster Reduction, NDR '96, for December 3-5, 1996 in Washington, DC. The objective of this conference is to promote and assess the role of civil engineering through its interaction with other engineering disciplines, sciences, and others, in preventing, mitigating, preparing for, and recovering from natural disaster impacts on the built and natural environments, including socioeconomic, political, public health, and institutional considerations. The conference will feature state-of-the-art presentations with varying formats, including presentation sessions, roundtables, panel discussions, posters, an industry exposition of products and services, proceedings of papers, technical tours and social activities. The early registration deadline is November 15, 1996. For more information, contact: Natural Disaster Reduction '96, ASCE, 345 East 47th Street, New York, New York 10017; phone: (800) 548-2723; fax: (212) 705-7975; email: conf@ny.asce.org ; or via the ASCE web page, URL: http://www.asce.org .

World of Concrete `97

The World of Concrete `97 conference will take place January 21-24, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Concrete `97 is sponsored by 18 national and international associations and produced by The Aberdeen Group. The conference includes a variety of new-technology and high-technology products and services, and features online demonstrations of the concrete and masonry networks. For more information, contact the World of Concrete, 426 S. Westgate St., Addision, IL 60101; phone: (800) 837-0870, ext. 219 or (630) 543-0870, ext. 219; fax: (630) 543-3112.

EERC-CUREe Symposium in Honor of Vitelmo Bertero

A symposium in honor of Vitelmo Bertero, highlighting his career and engineering achievements, will be held January 30-February 1, 1997, at the Berkeley Marina Marriott Hotel. Co-sponsors of the symposium are the University of California, Berkeley, Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC) and California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREe). Professor Bertero, a professor emeritus of civil engineering at UC Berkeley, has authored over 300 technical papers since his first work was published in 1958. Talks delivered at the symposium will focus on topics central to Professor Bertero's career, such as the inelastic behavior of structures; seismic design and analysis of steel frames and reinforced concrete shear walls and frames; seismic codes and guidelines, such as those produced by SEAOC, ACI, ATC, and IABSE; and field reconnaissance of earthquakes. For registration information contact: EERC-CUREe Bertero Symposium, EERC, 1301 S. 46th Street, Richmond, CA 94804-4698; phone: (510) 231-9554; fax: (510) 231-9471; email: admin@eerc.berkeley.edu .

Call For Papers

Fourth International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering

The Fourth International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering will take place in St. Louis, Missouri on March 8-15, 1998. Abstracts of 500-700 words describing case histories of one of the following themes are invited: foundations; slopes, dams and embankments; geotechnical earthquake engineering; engineering vibrations; retaining structures and deep excavations; geological, rock and mining engineering including underground structures and excavations; soil improvement, grouting, geosynthetics, dynamic compaction, vibroflotation, blasting and other methods including geo-economics; forensic engineering "where things went wrong;" new solutions to traditional geotechnical problems; and geotechnical and hydrological management and remediation of solid, hazardous and low-level radioactive wastes, including liner cover systems. For more information, contact Shamsher Prakash, Conference Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO 65409-0030; fax: (573) 341-4729; email: prakash@novell.civil.umr.edu . Abstracts are due December 15, 1996.

Symposium on Techniques and Tools for Mapping Natural Hazards and Risk Impact on the Developed Environment

A Symposium on Techniques and Tools for Mapping Natural Hazards and Risk Impact on the Developed Environment will take place as part of the XXII European Geophysical Society General Assembly in Vienna, Austria on April 21-25, 1997. The symposium provides an opportunity to critically evaluate current methods for predicting natural catastrophes, for mitigating their impact and to investigate the potential of new technological advancements for improving hazard evaluation and risk reduction. Among these new technologies Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, telecommunications, and tools to support the decision-making process appear the most promising. For more information, contact Dr. Fausto Guzzetti, CNR-IRPI, via della Madonna Alta, 126, I - 06128 Perugia, Italy; phone: (39) 75-505-4943; fax: (39) 75-505-1325; email: fausto@kenoby.irpi.unipg.it ; web page URL: http://www.irpi.unipg.it/Events/EGS97/Forum.html . Abstracts are due December 15, 1996.

Fourth Conference on Tall Buildings in Seismic Regions: Tall Buildings for the 21st Century

The Fourth Conference on Tall Buildings in Seismic Regions: Tall Buildings for the 21st Century will be held May 9-10, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. It is being organized by the Los Angeles Tall Buildings Structural Design Council and the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Abstracts of 250 words on the following subjects are invited: challenges in new international tall buildings in wind and seismic regions; improvements in seismic design of tall buildings; lessons learned in tall building design and performance from recent earthquakes; trends in tall building research; innovations in tall building preservation and restoration; understanding material properties and performance in tall buildings; and performance and behavior of MEP systems in seismic events. Submit three copies of abstracts to: Los Angeles Tall Buildings Structural Design Council, 800 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 510, Los Angeles, CA 90017; phone: (213) 362-0707; fax: (213) 688-3018. Interested parties wishing to present exhibits at the conference are invited to contact the council by phone or fax. Abstracts are due December 20, 1996.

Seminar on Assessment and Mitigation of Seismic Risk in the Central American Area

The Seminar on Assessment and Mitigation of Seismic Risk in the Central American Area will be held September 22-27, 1997 at the Universidad Centroamericana "Jose Simeon Cañas," San Salvador, El Salvador. Abstracts of 500 words on the following subjects are invited: tectonics and seismicity of the region; recording and prediction of earthquake strong-motion; assessment of seismic hazard; seismic zoning and microzonation; reports of destructive earthquakes in the region; assessment of vulnerability and seismic risk; codes for earthquake-resistant design; repair and strengthening of existing structures; seismic protection of monuments; seismic risk mitigation in planning; insurance against earthquake damage; and preparation of emergency measures. Papers should be limited to studies dedicated specifically to Central America. It is also hoped to form a Central American Association of Earthquake Engineering to coordinate the dissemination of reports about risk assessment and mitigation and organize future meetings and seminars. Submit the abstracts to: Ing. Patricia Méndez de Hasbun, Departamento de Ingeniéria Civil, Universidad Centroamerican "J.S. Cañas," Apartado Postal (01) 168, San Salvador, El Salvador, fax: (503) 273-8140 or (503) 273-1010. Abstracts are due January 15, 1997.

Second World Conference on Structural Control (2WCSC)

The Second World Conference on Structural Control will be held June 28-July 1, 1998 in Kyoto, Japan. The conference seeks to bring together engineers, scientists, architects, builders and others interested in the general field of active or hybrid vibration control of buildings and infrastructure systems. It is sponsored by the International Association for Structural Control, International Association for Earthquake Engineering, Science Council of Japan, Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Society of Civil Engineers and Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Abstracts of 500 words on topics such as hybrid/active and passive control of structures, civil infrastructures, space structures, intelligent/smart materials and systems, and health monitoring and damage detection are currently being solicited. For more information, contact 2WCSC Steering Committee, c/o Professor Akira Nishitani, Department of Architecture, Waseda University, 3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169, Japan, phone/fax: (81) 3-5286-3286; email: 2wcsc@nstn.arch.waseda.ac.jp . Additionalinformation can be obtained from the U.S. Panel on Structural Control Research, fax: (213) 744-1426, or viewed on the Structural Control home page at URL: http://cwis.usc.edu/dept/civil_eng/structural/welcome.html . Abstracts are due October 15, 1997.

Report Reviews

ATC-32 Report on Seismic Design Criteria for California Bridges

The Applied Technology Council (ATC) published the ATC-32 report, Improved Seismic Design Criteria for California Bridges: Provisional Recommendations. This 215-page report recommends revisions to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) seismic design standards, performance criteria, specifications, and practices. It is based on recent research in the field of bridge seismic design and the performance of Caltrans-designed bridges in the 1989 Loma Prieta and other recent California earthquakes. Copies of the report can be obtained from: Applied Technology Council, 555 Twin Dolphin Dr., Suite 550, Redwood City, California 94065; phone: (415) 595-1542; fax: (415) 593-2320; email: atc@atcouncil.org . The cost is $37.50.

Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

The proceedings of the Sino-U.S. Symposium/Workshop on Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Chinese Ministry of Construction, are available. The workshop was held in 1995 in Kumming, China. The proceedings address many key issues in earthquake hazard mitigation. This 483-page proceedings volume, edited by Professor Franklin F. Cheng and Mr. Y.Y. Wang, was published by Elsevier Science Ltd., of Oxford, England. For order information, contact Dr. Franklin Y. Cheng, Curators' Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO 65409-0030, phone: (573) 341-4469; fax: (573) 341-4729; email: cheng@novell.civil.umr.edu .

Participants Needed

ASCE Solicits Input for Update of FEMA 178

ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) has initiated a project to update and standardize FEMA 178, NEHRP Handbook for the Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings. The version of FEMA 178 in current use was published in 1992, and its widespread use has resulted in it being referred to as a "de facto standard" for seismic evaluation of existing buildings. In addition to updating the existing procedure, which is used to evaluate the ability of a building to protect life safety in an earthquake, ASCE will develop new procedures for evaluating buildings which require performance that provides protection beyond life safety, such as protection of contents and/or function, or limitation of damage to repairable levels. Once the update is completed, ASCE will subject the document to the scrutiny of its standardization process.

ASCE is currently soliciting input from individuals who have used FEMA 178 and have suggestions for improvements. ASCE hopes to query as many individuals as possible through a written survey. About 30 individuals will be invited to participate at an in-depth issues workshop. To participate, contact Jim Rossberg, Manager, Building Standards, ASCE, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4400.

In addition, all interested individuals are invited to become members of the ASCE Standards Committee on Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings, which will undertake the consensus review and approval of the revised document in order for it to become a nationally recognized consensus standard. If you would like to join the committee, contact Jim Rossberg at the address given above.

EQHAZMAT: Data Base of Earthquake- Caused Hazardous Materials Incidents

Two data bases on earthquake-caused hazardous materials incidents have been developed and are now ready for distribution. One database, EQHAZMAT: Japan, is a compilation of hazardous materials incidents that have occurred during Japanese earthquakes, through July 1993. The other data base, EQHAZMAT: Northridge, is a compilation of the incidents that occurred during the Northridge earthquake. The Northridge data base does not include natural gas related incidents. Both data bases were developed with funding from the National Science Foundation. A public domain data base software, Clipper, is used; the data base software will run on any IBM compatible computer with a 386 or later microprocessor, with DOS or Windows. The Japan data base contains 177 records and the Northridge data base contains 239 records. Each record has 26 fields. Copies of the data base are available through Guna Selvaduray, Department of Materials Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 95192-0086; email: gunas@email.sjsu.edu .

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