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New Search Engine for QUAKELINE®

by Dorothy Tao

Beginning April 1, 1997 the QUAKELINE®?Database will be searchable through Glimpse/HTTP?software mounted on the NCEER web site. Telnet access to QUAKELINE®?through the University at Buffalo's BISON Information System will be eliminated due to the University at Buffalo Libraries' move to a world wide web-based version of BISON.

Developed by Udi Mander, Paul Klark, and Michael Smith of the University of Arizona Computer Science Department, Glimpse/HTTP software will run QUAKELINE® and will eventually be used to index other areas of the NCEER web site. Some significant new features offered by Glimpse/HTTP include the ability to use boolean ("and," "or," "not") and phrase searching to formulate search statements, the highlighting of search terms within the context of the records, and the ability to download groups of records through the use of a "tagging button." Access to the database is through the QUAKELINE® "hot link" at the bottom of the opening screen of the NCEER web site or through the Information Assistance section of the NCEER web site. Comments and suggestions are encouraged and should be directed to Carol A. Kizis, QUAKELINE® Database Coordinator, phone: (716) 645-3377; fax: (716) 645-3379; or email at

Creating and Maintaining the Upcoming Meetings List

To inform the earthquake engineering community of activities that may be of professional interest, a List of Upcoming Meetings in Earthquake Engineering and Earthquake Hazard Mitigation is published in each issue of the NCEER Information Service News. Users and conference planners often contact the Information Service to inquire about details for specific meetings, how the list is compiled, the scope of the materials and how to submit items to the list.

For the most part, the events in the "Meetings" list are culled from press releases and announcements that are mailed or faxed to the Information Service, as well as calendars and "upcoming events," from the hundreds of journals and newsletters that are received each month. These materials are scanned for meetings of interest to readers, and checked to see if a meeting has been previously listed.

If a meeting was not previously listed, it is included in the current month's News. Each listing contains the name of the meeting, date, location, contact person, as well as telephone, fax, e-mail and if available, web site address. While the "Meetings" list is proofread and documentation is filed for each listing, because of time constraints, the information provided for each meeting is not verified unless there is an obvious conflict between two sources of information. Therefore, readers are cautioned not to consider the "Meetings" list the definitive source of information about a particular event. Because secondary sources are used, those planning conferences and making travel reservations should verify information by contacting the conference organizers directly.

The NCEER Information Service solicits help from readers in keeping the "Meetings" list current by asking that conference and meeting information be sent to the Acting News Editor, Dorothy Tao, phone: (716) 645-3377; fax: (716) 645-3379; or email at

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Last modified May 16, 1997