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Seismic Design Criteria for Bridges and Other Highway Structures

C. Rojahn, R. Mayes, D.G. Anderson, J. Clark, J.H. Hom, R.V. Nutt and M.J. O'Rourke, 3/13/97, NCEER-97-0002, 198 pp., $15.00

As part of NCEER's highway project, the Applied Technology Council conducted a review and assessment of current seismic design criteria for new highway construction (ATC-18 project). This report presents the findings and recommendations developed during that effort. The overall scope of work on the ATC-18 project consisted of a review of current domestic and foreign design practice and criteria, ongoing research in seismic design criteria development, and philosophies behind the seismically resistant design of highway structures including bridges, tunnels, abutments, retaining wall structures, and foundations. In addition, recommeandations for the future direction of seismic code requirements for transportation structures in the United States were developed (see related article describing the research project on page 1).

Investigation of Seismic Response of Buildings with Linear and Nonlinear Fluid Viscous Dampers

A. Seleemah and M.C. Constantinou, 5/21/97, NCEER-97-0004, 302 pp., $20.00

This report presents results of the first systematic study of nonlinear fluid viscous dampers. Earthquake simulation tests have been performed on one- and three-story model structures with and without linear and nonlinear viscous dampers. The experimental results demonstrated significant reductions in response when dampers, whether linear or nonlinear, were added to the structural frame. Moreover, direct comparisons of responses of the structure with linear and nonlinear devices elucidated further benefits offered by the nonlinear devices and identified potential drawbacks. The experimental response has been carried out with predictions of response history and simplified methods of analysis. The latter methods have been based on the linear static procedure of the NEHRP Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings. Comparisons of analytical and experimental responses showed good agreement.

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