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Multiple Hazards

Publications that address more than one hazard are included in this category. The range of hazards considered includes natural hazards (e.g. earthquakes, floods, and windstorms), accidental hazards, and malevolent action. Concurrent hazard events and interdependent hazard events such as fire following an earthquake, flood following a hurricane, or tsunami following an earthquake are also topics.


Seismic Performance Evaluation of Precast Girders with Field-Cast Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Connections

G.C. Lee, C. Huang, J. Song and J. S. O'Connor; MCEER-14-0007; 7/31/2014; 242 pages;


Development of a Database Framework for Modeling Damaged Bridges

G.C. Lee, J.C. Qi and C. Huang; MCEER-13-0009; 6/16/2013; 134 pages;


A Study of U.S. Bridge Failures (1980-2012)

G.C. Lee, S.B. Mohan, C. Huang and B.N. Fard; MCEER-13-0008; 6/15/2013; 148 pages; The spreadsheet containing the bridge damage and collapse data can be downloaded from here.


Enhancing Resource Coordination for Multi-Modal Evacuation Planning

D.B. Hess with B.W. Conley and C.M. Farrell; MCEER-13-0002; 2/8/2013; 184 pages; View the Executive Summary here.


Extreme Load Combinations: A Survey of State Bridge Engineers

G.C. Lee, Z. Liang, J.J. Shen and J.S. O'Connor; MCEER-11-0007; 10/14/2011; 152 pages; To learn more about MCEER's research on multiple hazard design for highway bridges, click here.


Modeling the Effects of Detonations of High Explosives to Inform Blast Resistant Design

P. Sherkar and A.S. Whittaker; MCEER-10-0009; 12/1/2010; 236 pages;


A Framework for Defining and Measuring Resilience at the Community Scale: The PEOPLES Resilience Framework

C.S. Renschler, A.E. Frazier, L.A. Arendt, G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau; MCEER-10-0006; 10/8/2010; 106 pages; To learn more about MCEER's Resilience Project, click here.


Quantification of Disaster Resilience of Health Care Facilities

G.P. Cimellaro, C. Fumo, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau; MCEER-09-0009; 9/14/2009; 212 pages;


Water Supply Performance During Earthquakes and Extreme Events

A. Bonneau and T.D. O'Rourke; MCEER-09-0003; 2/16/2009; 252 pages;


Modal Analysis of Arbitrarily Damped Three-Dimensional Linear Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitations

Y.L. Chu, J. Song and G.C. Lee; MCEER-09-0001; 1/31/2009; 228 pages;


Design of Highway Bridges Against Extreme Hazard Events: Issues, Principles and Approaches

Edited by G.C. Lee, M. Tong and W. Phillip Yen; MCEER-08-SP06; 6/30/2008; 110 pages; A summary of this report is provided.


Building Inventory Compilaton for Disaster Management: Applicaton of Remote Sensing and Statistical Modeling

P. Sarabandi, A.S. Kiremidjian, R.T. Eguchi and B.J. Adams; MCEER-08-0025; 11/20/2008; 128 pages;


Performance Assessment of Conventional and Base-Isolated Nuclear Power Plants for Earthquake and Blast Loadings

Y.N. Huang, A.S. Whittaker and N. Luco; MCEER-08-0019; 10/28/2008; 396 pages;


Modal Analysis of Generally Damped Linear Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitations

J. Song, Y.L. Chu, Z. Liang and G.C. Lee; MCEER-08-0005; 3/4/2008; 226 pages;


Linking Lifeline Infrastructure Performance and Community Disaster Resilience: Models and Multi-Stakeholder Processes

S.E. Chang, C. Pasion, K. Tatebe and R. Ahmad; MCEER-08-0004; 3/3/2008; 154 pages;


What Dangers Do We Face? A Preliminary Multihazard Risk Profile for New York State

L. Allen, M. Fratello, J. Gotham, H. Huang, E. Mihou, J. Pollot, P. Yadav, C. Yamarino, E. Sternberg; MCEER-07-SP01; 5/7/2007; 80 pages;


Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Organizational Response to Legislative Mandate

L.A. Arendt, D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak; MCEER-07-0002; 4/9/2007; 94 pages;


White Paper on the SDR Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction

M.Bruneau, A. Filiatrault, G. Lee, T. O'Rourke, A. Reinhorn, M. Shinozuka and K. Tierney; MCEER-05-SP09; 12/5/2006; 40 pages; This report can be downloaded in PDF format from here.


Proceedings of the International Workshop Series on Remote Sensing: A Compilation of Materials from Workshops held in 2003 (California), 2004 (California) and 2005 (Japan)

Edited by Beverley Adams; MCEER-05-SP03; 12/1/2005; 0 pages; Papers and presentations from the first three workshops on remote sensing can be downloaded from here.


Assessment of Advanced Technologies for Loss Estimation on CD-ROM

D. Tralli; MCEER-00-SP02; 12/31/2000; 97 pages; This CD-ROM describes the current state of advanced airborne and spaceborne remote sensing and ground-based technologies applicable to earthquake hazard mitigation. This 80-plus page report contains many links to Internet sites, numerous references to additional resources on the topic, two LiDAR fly-throughs and recommendations for future research. The CD requires Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view. More information about the report can be viewed here.


Social Accounting for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning

S.Cole, E.Pantoja, V.Razak; NCEER-93-0002; 2/22/1993; 274 pages;


First Expert Panel Meeting on Disaster Research and Planning

J. Pantelic, J. Stoyle; NCEER-88-0045; 9/15/1988; 80 pages;


Multi-Hazard Risk Analysis: Case of a Simple Offshore Structure

B.K. Bhartia and E.H. Vanmarcke; NCEER-88-0023; 7/21/1988; 80 pages;


Reliability Analysis of Code-Designed Structures Under Natural Hazards

H.H.M. Hwang, H. Ushiba, M. Shinozuka; NCEER-88-0008; 2/29/1988; 138 pages;