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Public Policy

Publications that focus on public policy primarily document the development of decision-making tools to assist hospital administrators make sound seismic retrofit investments.


Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Organizational Response to Legislative Mandate

L.A. Arendt, D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak; MCEER-07-0002; 4/9/2007; 94 pages;


White Paper on the SDR Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction

M.Bruneau, A. Filiatrault, G. Lee, T. O'Rourke, A. Reinhorn, M. Shinozuka and K. Tierney; MCEER-05-SP09; 12/5/2006; 40 pages; This report can be downloaded in PDF format from here.


Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies: Stage 1 Report

D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak; MCEER-01-0004; 12/17/2001; 108 pages;