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Seismic Hazards and Seismology


Quantification of Disaster Resilience of Health Care Facilities

G.P. Cimellaro, C. Fumo, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau; MCEER-09-0009; 9/14/2009; 212 pages;


Simulation of Strong Ground Motions for Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Nonstructural Components in Hospitals

A. Wanitkorkul and A. Filiatrault; MCEER-05-0005; 5/26/2005; 206 pages;


Effect of Spatial Variation of Ground Motion on Highway Structures

M. Shinozuka, V. Saxena, G. Deodatis; MCEER-00-0013; 12/31/2000; 266 pages;


Effect of Vertical Ground Motions on the Structural Response of Highway Bridges

M.R. Button, C.J. Cronin and R.L. Mayes; MCEER-99-0007; 4/10/1999; 186 pages; Response ratios, mode shapes and the input files for the programs used can be downloaded from here.


Proceedings of the FHWA/NCEER Workshop on the National Representation of Seismic Ground Motion for New and Existing Highway Facilities

Edited by I.M. Friedland, M.S. Power and R.L. Mayes; NCEER-97-0010; 9/22/1997; 452 pages;


Proceedings from the Site Effects Workshop

Edited by R.V.Whitman; NCEER-92-0006; 2/29/1992; 82 pages;


NCEER-91 Earthquake Catalog: Improved Intensity-based Magnitudes and Recurrance Relations for U.S. Earthquakes East of New Madrid

L.Seeber, J.G.Armbruster; NCEER-91-0021; 8/28/1991; 110 pages; The corresponding catalog of earthquakes in the eastern United States and Canada, NCEER-91, can be downloaded from here.


A Three-Dimensional Analytical Study of Spatial Variability of Seismic Ground Motions

L-L.Hong, A.H-S.Ang; NCEER-90-0025; 10/30/1990; 184 pages;


Catalog of Strong Motion Stations in Eastern North America

R.W.Busby; NCEER-90-0004; 4/3/1990; 76 pages;


Seismic Effects on Elevated Transit Lines of the New York City Transit Authority

C.J. Costantino, C.A. Miller and E. Heymsfield; NCEER-89-0039; 12/26/1989; 132 pages;


Workshop on Ground Motion Parameters for Seismic Hazard Mapping

Edited by R.Whitman; NCEER-89-0038; 12/1/1989; 68 pages;


A Deterministic Assessment of Effects of Ground Motion Incoherence

A.S. Veletsos and Y. Tang; NCEER-89-0037; 7/15/1989; 52 pages;


Nonstationary Models of Seismic Ground Acceleration

M. Grigoriu, S.E. Ruiz, E. Rosenblueth; NCEER-88-0043; 7/15/1988; 50 pages;


Modeling Strong Ground Motion from Multiple Event Earthquakes

G.W. Ellis, A.S. Cakmak; NCEER-88-0042; 10/15/1988; 54 pages;


Digital Simulation of Seismic Ground Motion

M. Shinozuka, G. Deodatis and T. Harada; NCEER-87-0017; 8/31/1987; 58 pages;