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Social Science Issues


Enhancing Resource Coordination for Multi-Modal Evacuation Planning

D.B. Hess with B.W. Conley and C.M. Farrell; MCEER-13-0002; 2/8/2013; 184 pages; View the Executive Summary here.


A Framework for Defining and Measuring Resilience at the Community Scale: The PEOPLES Resilience Framework

C.S. Renschler, A.E. Frazier, L.A. Arendt, G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau; MCEER-10-0006; 10/8/2010; 106 pages; To learn more about MCEER's Resilience Project, click here.


Post-Earthquake Restoration of the Los Angeles Water Supply System

T.H.P. Tabucchi and R.A. Davidson; MCEER-08-0008; 3/7/2008; 140 pages;


Linking Lifeline Infrastructure Performance and Community Disaster Resilience: Models and Multi-Stakeholder Processes

S.E. Chang, C. Pasion, K. Tatebe and R. Ahmad; MCEER-08-0004; 3/3/2008; 154 pages;


Public Health and Environmental Infrastructure Implications of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

J.N. Jensen and P. Ram; MCEER-07-SP02; 5/17/2007; 40 pages; This report can be downloaded in PDF format from here.


Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Organizational Response to Legislative Mandate

L.A. Arendt, D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak; MCEER-07-0002; 4/9/2007; 94 pages;


Promoting Seismic Safety: Guidance for Advocates

D. Alesch, P. May, R. Olshansky, W. Petak and K. Tierney; MCEER-04-SP02; 5/31/2004; 206 pages; This report can be downloaded in PDF format from here.


Urban Disaster Recovery: A Framework and Simulation Model

Scott B. Miles and Stephanie E. Chang; MCEER-03-0005; 7/29/2003; 120 pages;


Updating Real-Time Earthquake Loss Estimates: Methods, Problems and Insights

C.E. Taylor, S.E. Chang and R.T. Eguchi; MCEER-01-0005; 12/17/2001; 66 pages;


Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies: Stage 1 Report

D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak; MCEER-01-0004; 12/17/2001; 108 pages;


Engineering and Socioeconomic Impacts of Earthquakes

Edited by M.Shinozuka, A.Rose, R.Eguchi; MCEER-98-MN02; 5/13/1998; 212 pages;


Economic Consequences of Earthquakes: Preparing for the Unexpected

Edited by B.G.Jones; NCEER-97-SP01; 1/1/1997; 292 pages; A summary of the conference proceedings is provided.


Estimation of the Economic Impact of Multiple Lifeline Disruption: Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division Case Study

S.E. Chang, H.A. Seligson and R.T. Eguchi; NCEER-96-0011; 8/16/1996; 204 pages;


Social Accounting for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning

S.Cole, E.Pantoja, V.Razak; NCEER-93-0002; 2/22/1993; 274 pages;


First Expert Panel Meeting on Disaster Research and Planning

J. Pantelic, J. Stoyle; NCEER-88-0045; 9/15/1988; 80 pages;


Systems Study of Urban Response and Reconstruction Due to Catastrophic Earthquakes

F. Kozin, H.K. Zhou; NCEER-88-0027; 9/22/1988; 70 pages;