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A Deterministic Assessment of Effects of Ground Motion Incoherence

A.S. Veletsos and Y. Tang

NCEER-89-0037 | 7/15/1989 | 52 pages

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Keywords: Soil-Structure Interaction, Ground Motion Incoherence, Deterministic Methods, Geotechnical Studies, Structural Dynamics, Rigid Foundations, and Seismic Effects.

Abstract: An approximate deterministic method of analysis is presented for assessing the effects of ground motion incoherence and of the associated soil-structure interaction on the seismic response of structure-foundation-soil systems. The free-field ground motion in this approach is specified by an acceleration history and a spatial incoherence function. Numerical solutions are presented which illustrate the procedure and elucidate the nature and relative importance of the kinematic and inertial interaction effects. The results are shown to be consistent with those obtained in a companion recent study by formal application of the stochastic approach.