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A Framework for Customizable Knowledge-Based Expert Systems with an Application to a KBES for Evaluating Seismic Resistance of Existing Buildings

E.G.Ibarra-Anaya, S.J.Fenves

NCEER-91-0007 | 4/9/1991 | 168 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Knowledge Based Expert Systems (KBES), Seismic Resistance, Existing Buildings, Computer Programs, Seismic Evaluation, Retrofitting, and EVAL.

Abstract: Many aspects of seismic resistance evaluation and upgrading recommendations are subject to judgment and expertise, so the application of knowledge-based expert system (KBES) methodology is warranted. However, it would be impossible to create a KBES with a single knowledge-base consistent with the expertise and practice of all professionals performing evaluation and retrofit recommendations. This report presents an approach towards developing a framework for customizable KBES containing core knowledge-base of commonly agreed-upon procedures, and providing means for individual organizations to enter and use their custom knowledge reflecting their individual heuristics. The proposed framework is illustrated by means of EVAL, a KBES for the evaluation of seismic resistance of existing buildings based on the proposed framework. EVAL contains only a rudimentary custom knowledge-base, but can be further customized by experts using the knowledge acquisition facility provided.