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A Framework for Defining and Measuring Resilience at the Community Scale: The PEOPLES Resilience Framework

C.S. Renschler, A.E. Frazier, L.A. Arendt, G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau

MCEER-10-0006 | 10/8/2010 | 106 pages

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Keywords: PEOPLES Resilience Framework. Disaster-resilient communities. Measurements. Population. Demographics. Environmental systems. Ecosystems. Organized governmental services. Physical infrastructure. Economic development. Social-cultural capital. Vulnerability assessments.

Abstract: The objective of this research was to establish a holistic framework for defining and measuring disaster resilience for a community at various scales. Seven dimensions characterizing community functionality have been identified and are represented by the acronym PEOPLES: Population and Demographics, Environmental/Ecosystem, Organized Governmental Services, Physical Infrastructure, Lifestyle and Community Competence, Economic Development, and Social-Cultural Capital. The proposed PEOPLES Resilience Framework provides the basis for development of quantitative and qualitative models that measure continuously the functionality and resilience of communities against extreme events or disasters in any or a combination of the above-mentioned dimensions.