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A Three-Dimensional Analytical Study of Spatial Variability of Seismic Ground Motions

L-L.Hong, A.H-S.Ang

NCEER-90-0025 | 10/30/1990 | 184 pages

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Keywords: Water Delivery Systems, Seismic Response Analysis, Three-Dimensional Modeling, Solids, Lifelines, Wave Propagation, Pipeline Systems, and Ground Motion.

Abstract: In this study, an approach for the analytical solution of wave propagation in three-dimensional solids has been extended to a half-space subjected to finite dislocation representing fault rupture from an earthquake. With specified rupture area and dislocation speed, analytical solutions of the ground motions at the surface, or near the surface, at specified distances from the rupture are calculated. Using the results at specific ground surface stations obtained analytically for a given set of source parameters, appropriate transfer functions can be obtained through time-domain system identification techniques to represent seismic wave transmission between the fault rupture and ground station. The analytical results should be applicable for the seismic response analysis and design of pipeline systems and should permit a definition of spatially varying ground motion.