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Advanced Damage Detection for Hurricane Katrina: Integrating Remote Sensing Images and VIEWS Field Reconnaissance

J. Arn Womble, S. Ghosh, B.J. Adams and C.J. Friedland

MCEER-06-SP02 | 3/1/2006 | 150 pages

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Keywords: Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005. Remote sensing data. Field reconnaissance. VIEWS system. Satellite imagery. Aerial imagery. Damage detection. Tiered reconnaissance systems. Multi-hazard reconnaissance planning. Storm surges. Flooding. Levee breaches. Wind loads. Natural disasters. Rapid damage assessments.

Abstract: From a remote sensing perspective, information directly acquired from airborne and satellite imagery enables the rapid, thorough, and consistent assessment of damage. This report was written to document the integrated implementation of remote sensing and VIEWS field reconnaissance technologies for characterizing the multi-hazard impacts of Hurricane Katrina upon the built environment, including storm surge, extreme winds, flooding and levee breach. Contents describe available remote sensing data, the theoretical platform of remote sensing planning and support, VIEWS field reconnaissance, and the application of integrated VIEWS and remote-sensing data. Key findings and future work are presented; many color images are included throughout.