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Assessment of Performance of Bolu Viaduct in the 1999 Duzce Earthquake in Turkey

P.C.Roussis, M.C.Constantinou, M.Erdik, E.Durukal, M.Dicleli

MCEER-02-0001 | 5/8/2002 | 140 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Duzce, Turkey earthquake, November 12, 1999. Bolu Viaduct. Seismic isolation systems. Seimic performance assessment. 1999 AASHTO Guide Specifications for Seismic Isolation Design.

Abstract: This report describes the impact of the 1999 Duzce, Turkey earthquake on the Bolu Viaduct, a 2.3-km long seismically isolated structure, which was under construction, but essentially complete, when the quake occurred. The viaduct suffered a complete failure of its seismic isolation system and narrowly avoided total collapse due to excessive differential ground, substructure, and superstructure movement. The report presents an evaluation of the design of the seismic isolation system of this structure and an assessment of its performance in the Duzce earthquake. In addition, the report investigates whether the viaduct would have experienced damage had it been designed in accordance with AASHTO Specifications. The evaluation of design and assessment of performance are important in developing experience in the design of seismically isolated structures and in validating analysis and design specifications. Appendices and numerous figures accompany the text.