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Bayesian Fragility for Nonstructural Systems

C.H. Lee and M.D. Grigoriu

MCEER-12-0006 | 9/12/2012 | 78 pages

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Keywords: Nonstructural components. Concrete steel moment-resisting frames (SMRF). Bayesian framework. Seismic performance. Numerical simulations. Seismicity. Fragility functions. MATLAB.

Abstract: A method is developed for calculating the fragility of a nonstructural system supported by a structure subjected to earthquakes. The nonstructural system consists of a collection of nominally identical components. The input to these components depends on properties of the supporting structure and of site seismicity. It is assumed that (1) the seismic load can be described by 22 ground accelerations, and (2) the components of nonstructural systems have uncertain properties. A Bayesian framework is developed for fragility analysis. The document provides a manual clarifying the use of the MATLAB code for the developed Bayesian fragility computation. A two-story perimeter concrete steel moment resisting frame (SMRF) is used to illustrate the use of the code.