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Centrifugal Modeling of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

K.Weissman (Supervised by J.H.Prevost)

NCEER-89-0040 | 5/10/1989 | 148 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Geotechnical Studies, Structural Engineering, Soil Structure Interaction, Seismic Effects, Centrifuge Model, and Damping.

Abstract: In this report, a centrifuge model is presented that is capable of realistically representing soil-structure systems subjected to earthquake-like excitation. The model system is characterized by performing free field experiments, scattered field experiments, and a preliminary soil-structure interaction experiment. Next, an experimental study of radiation damping and soil-structure interaction effects is performed which show that the centrifuge system is capable of modeling soil-structure interaction phenomena such as radiation damping. Finally, the experimental results are used to compute the damping and stiffness values of a two degree of freedom piecewise linear numerical model of the soil-structure systems. The research in this report results in establishing the centrifuge model as a useful and realistic tool for the validation and future development of soil-structure interaction theory.