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Centrifuge Modeling of Cyclic Lateral Response of Pile-Cap Systems and Seat-Type Abutments in Dry Sands

A.D. Gadre and R. Dobry

MCEER-98-0010 | 10/2/1998 | 246 pages

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Keywords: Centrifuge Tests, Cyclic Lateral Loads, Pile Cap Foundations, Seat-Type Bridge Abutments.

Abstract: This report presents the results from a series of centrifuge tests, which were performed on pile-cap foundation systems (cap, single-pile and pile-cap systems) and seat-type abutments, all in dense dry sand. The pile-cap foundation test results were compared to analytical models and nonlinear finite element analysis, with good agreement. The seat-type bridge abutments were compared to established design procedures (Caltrans, ATC and AASHTO) and other evidence such as measurements obtained during past earthquakes. The test results indicate that current design procedures overestimate the measured lateral capacity and stiffness. Additional research to investigate these differences is therefore recommended.