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DYNA1D: A Computer Program for Nonlinear Seismic Site Response Analysis - Technical Documentation


NCEER-89-0025 | 9/14/1989 | 136 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Site Response Analysis, Seismic Risk Analysis, Soil Structure Interaction, Geotechnical Research, Computer Programs, DYNA1D, and Ground Motions.

Abstract: This report describes DYNA1D, a finite element computer program for nonlinear seismic site response analysis. Dry, saturated and partially saturated deposits can be analyzed. DYNA1D has been developed to allow site response analyses to be performed taking into account: (1) the nonlinear, anisotropic and hysteretic stress-strain behavior of the soil materials; and (2) the effects of the transient flow of the pore water through the soil strata. The procedures used (filled and constitutive equations) are general and applicable to multi-dimensional situations. The goal was to provide a realistic and reliable analysis procedure for use in engineering design practice. Therefore, although no sacrifices have been made as to the rigor and generality of the field and constitutive equations used, attempts have been made to simplify the use of the code. For that purpose, features such as automatic initialization procedures have been implemented. Also, required material constitutive parameters are identified in terms of classical soil mechanics parameters. In order to ease the interpretation of the analysis results, graphic display capabilities which allow plots of spatial and temporal variations of field components have been implemented.