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Design Examples

ATC/MCEER Joint Venture

MCEER-03-SP09 | 12/31/2003 | 320 pages

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Keywords: Design. Recommendations. Load and resistance factor design (LRFD). Seismic design. Bridges. Highways. Multispan continuous bridges. Cast-in-place concrete girders. Bearings. Elastomeric bearings. Two column bents. AASHTO Division 1-A Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges.

Abstract: Another contribution to the ATC-MCEER series, Recommended LRFD Guidelines for the Seismic Design of Highway Bridges, this volume contains two design examples: the eighth and ninth design examples in a series originally developed for FHWA to illustrate the use of the AASHTO Division 1-A Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges. More specifically, the eighth design example was performed on a five-span continuous cast-in-place concrete box girder bridge and the ninth design example was performed on a three-span continuous steel girder bridge. These examples emphasize different features that must be considered in seismic analysis and design process. Sections include Design Example 8, Design Example 2LRFD, SDAP A2 Conventional Bearing Example, and SDAP A2 with Elastomeric Bearing Example, in addition to various figures, tables, references, project participants and an Appendix.