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Dynamic Response of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings with Flexible Diaphragms

A.C. Costley and D.P. Abrams

NCEER-96-0001 | 10/10/1996 | 324 pages

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Keywords: Unreinforced Masonry Buildings, Shaking Table Tests, Small Scale Models, Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, Code Based Design Methods, Openings, Aspect Ratios, Flexible Diaphragms, and Experimental Evaluation.

Abstract: The overall objective of the research was to provide recommendations for the evaluation and rehabilitation of unreinforced masonry buildings. An experimental study was done to investigate nonlinear dynamic response of two-story building systems with flexible floor diaphragms. Two reduced-scale test structures were subjected to a series of simulated earthquake motions on the University of Illinois shaking table. The experimental parameters were the relative lateral strengths of the two parallel shear walls and the aspect ratios of piers between window and door openings. The accuracy of several computational methods were examined by contrasting estimates with measured response. These methods included procedures that are prescribed in building code requirements for new construction and guidelines for rehabilitation of existing buildings, as well as more complex finite element and dynamic analysis methods. A nonlinear dynamic analysis model was developed to estimate large-amplitude displacements. This report includes descriptions of the experimental and analytical investigations, and provides a number of recommendations for evaluation and rehabilitation of unreinforced masonry buildings.