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Economic Consequences of Earthquakes: Preparing for the Unexpected

Edited by B.G.Jones

NCEER-97-SP01 | 1/1/1997 | 292 pages

About the Report:

Notes: A summary of the conference proceedings is provided.

Keywords: Kobe, Japan earthquake, January 17, 1995. Hanshin-Awaji, Japan earthquake, January 17, 1995. Hyogo-ken Nanbu, Japan earthquake, January 17, 1995. Loma Prieta, California earthquake, October 17, 1989. Northridge, California earthquake, January 17, 1994. Simulation models. Economic impacts. Urban regions. Lifelines. Eastern United States. Seismicity. Atlantic Seaboard. Earthquake scenarios. Canada. New York City. Damage. Indirect economic losses. Ports. Bridges. Disaster economics. Midwest floods, 1993. Midwestern United States. Preparedness. Insurance. Building codes. Risk estimates. Reinsurance. Costs.

Abstract: This proceedings contains 16 papers written by recognized leaders in the field of economics, insurance, seismology, engineering, and earthquake hazards mitigation that examine the damaging effects of earthquakes and their potential impact on business, commerce, industry, insurance, and the financial markets. Many papers draw on experiences from the 1995 Kobe and 1994 Northridge earthquakes and consider the implications for United States metropolitan areas. Specific topics include: 1) implications of the Great Hanshin earthquake for major US cities; 2) potential earthquakes in the eastern and central United States; 3) preparedness and mitigation; 4) economic implications of damage to infrastructure and mitigation opportunities; 5) business disruption and economic consequences; and 6) potential impact on finance and insurance.