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Enhancing Resource Coordination for Multi-Modal Evacuation Planning

D.B. Hess with B.W. Conley and C.M. Farrell

MCEER-13-0002 | 2/8/2013 | 184 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Earthquakes, Emergency management plans, recovery, disaster response.

Abstract: This report presents the fi ndings of the research project. It identifies strategies for evacuation of all residents, including carless residents during a disaster. It also addresses the challenges of effectively incorporating multi-modalism into local emergency plans by enhancing transportation resource coordination through exploration of the feasibility of a new concept—a Transportation Reserve Corps (TRC). A TRC seeks to integrate planning for households without automobiles, multi-modal evacuation, and coordinated volunteerism with disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Specific action steps needed to conduct a pilot test of a TRC are provided.