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Evaluation of SEAOC Design Requirements for Sliding Isolated Structures

D.Theodossiou, M.C.Constantinou

NCEER-91-0015 | 6/10/1991 | 256 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Sliding Isolation Systems, Friction Pendulum Systems (FPS), Seismic Isolation Systems, Protective Systems, Base Isolation Systems, Nonlinear Isolation Systems, Static Analysis, Secondary Systems, Building Codes, and Dynamic Analysis.

Abstract: The Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) developed "Tentative General Requirements for the Design and Construction of Seismic Isolated Structures" in 1990. The SEAOC report specifies analysis procedures for seismically isolated structures, including a static and dynamic analysis procedure. This report describes a study that concentrated on verifying these procedures for sliding seismically isolated structures. The study involved evaluation of the response of sliding seismically isolated structures with stiff and flexible superstructure; and comparison of dynamic analysis results with the results of the static analysis procedure of SEAOC. The main conclusion is that a degree of conservatism exists in the SEAOC static analysis procedures. Specific cases are studied and the differences quantified.