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Experimental Investigation of Light-Gauge Steel Plate Shear Walls for the Seismic Retrofit of Buildings

J.W. Berman and M.Bruneau

MCEER-03-0001 | 5/2/2003 | 212 pages

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Keywords: Steel plate shear walls (SPSW). Retrofit. Light-guage steel plates. Energy dissipation.

Abstract: This report presents experimental investigations into the seismic adequacy of steel plate shear walls (SPSW) utilizing light-gauge cold-rolled infill plates as a more viable option for retrofit scenarios. The interest in this type of system is that it would allow for an easily-installed retrofit, while being minimally disruptive to the functions in an existing building - especially in the context of hospital structures where modular systems for the rearrangement of floor plans are highly desirable. The report describes the prototype and specimen designs, experimental set-up, and results of three light-gauge SPSW concepts. Additionally, the report proposes a design procedure for SPSW based on the application of plastic analysis to an accepted analytical model for the representation of SPSW.