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Experimental Results of Repaired and Retrofitted Beam-Column Joint Tests in Lightly Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings

A. Beres, S.El- Borgi, R.N. White and P. Gergely

NCEER-92-0025 | 10/29/1992 | 84 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Lightly Reinforced Concrete Frames, Beam Column Joints, Reversed Cyclic Loads, Gravity Load Design, Full Scale Tests, and Damage Mechanisms.

Abstract: This report summarizes current experimental work at Cornell University concerning lightly reinforced concrete structures. The report includes: 1) a brief summary of the full-scale experiments conducted on the behavior of lightly reinforced concrete building frame components subjected to reversing cyclic loads (simulated seismic effects); 2) description of experimental findings on a repaired interior joint; and 3) results of tests on two retrofitted frame joint regions. A total of 34 interior and exterior beam-column joints were tested to identify the different damage mechanisms and study the effect of critical details. The most important findings on the behavior of various types of specimens are summarized in Section 3. One of the already tested interior specimens was repaired and retested. The repair method chosen in this case was vacuum resin injection as described in Section 4. Finally, two virgin specimens (one interior and one exterior) were retrofitted with externally attached steel plates as discussed in Section 5.