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Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Seismic Retrofit of Structures with Supplemental Damping: Part III - Viscous Damping Walls

A.M. Reinhorn and C. Li

NCEER-95-0013 | 10/1/1995 | 252 pages

About the Report:

Keywords: Supplemental damping. Viscous damping walls. Shaking table tests. Added damping devices. Mathematical models. Pushover analysis. Retrofitting techniques. Inelastic response analysis.

Abstract: This is the third report in a series of NCEER technical reports that examine the capabilities and limitations of passive energy dissipation systems. Comparative studies have been carried out based on analyses and experimental studies using a 1/3 scale reinforced concrete frame. The first report in the series, NCEER-95-0001, focused on fluid damping devices (QUAKELINE record 9600054); the second report, NCEER-95-0009, investigated friction devices (QUAKELINE record 9600051). This report presents an evaluation of viscous damping walls used as additional braces in welded steel or reinforced concrete frame structures. A mathematical model is suggested for the damping walls using information of properties from empirical relations and a structural analysis platform was adjusted to allow for comprehensive time history analyses of buildings. An evaluation of efficiency of the dampers using a simplified pushover analysis method was performed and is suggested as an alternative method for the prediction of structural behavior and design. (Adapted from the authors' abstract).