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Experimental and Analytical Study of a Combined Sliding Disc Bearing and Helical Steel Spring Isolation System

M.C.Constantinou, A.S.Mokha, A.M.Reinhorn

NCEER-90-0019 | 10/4/1990 | 126 pages

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Keywords: Secondary Systems, Shake Table Tests, Passive Protective Systems, Elastomeric Isolation Systems, Springs, Sliding Isolation Systems, and Teflon Bearings.

Abstract: A sliding isolation system consisting of Teflon disc bearings and helical steel springs is described. The system has been evaluated in shake table tests of a six-story, quarter scale, 52 Kip model structure and found to be capable of withstanding strong earthquake forces of significantly different frequency content. The isolation system was designed to have strong frictional force and weak restoring force. Under these conditions, the isolated structure is insensitive to the input frequency and experimental results confirm this important property.