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Hysteretic Models for Cyclic Behavior of Deteriorating Inelastic Structures

M.V.Sivaselvan, A.M.Reinhorn

MCEER-99-0018 | 11/5/1999 | 136 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Hysteretic models. Inelastic structures. Deteriorating structures. Cyclic behavior. Polygonal models. Smooth models. Inelastic material behavior. Stiffness degradation. Strength degradation. IDARC2D. NSPECTRA.

Abstract: Two hysteretic models (a polygonal model and a smooth model) for inelastic behavior of macro-models of structural components are developed. These models can simulate the deteriorating behavior of strength, stiffness, and bond slip. The theoretical background, the development and the implementation of these models are presented. The report shows a holistic picture of the modeling of one-dimensional inelastic material behavior and indicates how various hysteretic models are obtained from the basic principles of mechanics and thermodynsmics through numerous assumptions, which lead to certain approximations. Finally, the incorporation of the hysteretic models into two computer programs (IDARC2D and NSPECTRA) is described. The appendix focuses on the implementation details of the polygonal hysteretic model. (Adapted from authors' abstract).