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Impact Assessment of Selected MCEER Highway Project Research on the Seismic Design of Highway Structures

C. Rojahn, R. Mayes, D. Anderson, J. Clark, D'Appolonia Engineering, S. Gloyd and R. Nutt

MCEER-99-0009 | 4/14/1999 | 170 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Seismic design specifications. Bridges. Research studies. Performance. Seismic exposure. Seismic hazards. Structural analysis. Design. Structural response. Foundation structure interaction. Soil structure interaction. Liquefaction. Soil behavior.

Abstract: This report details the independent review of the results obtained from each of the studies conducted under the four-year MCEER research project on the "Seismic Vulnerability of New Highway Construction" and assesses the potential impact of these results on future seismic design specifications for highway structures, primarily bridges. The Applied Technology Council reviewed 32 MCEER research reports and developed recommendations regarding future bridge seismic design guidelines. The results of the research impact assessment and specifications recommendations are documented in this report with a research summary, research findings and review comments, a list of related reports and research, limitations of the research, and an assessment of the potential impacts on future seismic design specifications. The recommendations for improved seismic design specifications for bridges address a broad range of issues: performance criteria, design approach, seismic loading, design forces, analysis, design displacements, concrete and steel details, foundation design, and several miscellaneous items. A previously published report (NCEER-97-0002) reviewed and assessed current domestic and foreign seismic design criteria for new highway construction.