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Longitudinal Permanent Ground Deformation Effects on Buried Continuous Pipelines

M.J.O'Rourke, C.Nordberg

NCEER-92-0014 | 6/15/1992 | 180 pages

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Keywords: Buried Pipelines, Soil Pipeline Interaction, Permanent Ground Deformation, Uniform Ground Strain, and Steel Pipelines.

Abstract: The response of buried steel pipelines to permanent ground displacement is investigated. Specifically, pipeline response to four different idealized patterns of longitudinal permanent ground deformation, wherein the non-recoverable soil movement is parallel to the pipeline axis, is considered. The pipe material is assumed to be linear elastic while the force-deformation relationship of the soil-pipeline interface is taken to be elasto-plastic (elastic spring-slider) or rigid-plastic (rigid spring-slider). The four patterns of longitudinal permanent ground deformation investigated are idealizations of patterns observed in past earthquakes. They are: a) uniform ground strain (Ramp), and b) symmetric uniform ground strain (Ridge). For the first two patterns, the exact response is determined and compared with a simplified model which neglects the elastic portion of the force-deformation relationship at soil-pipeline interaction. It is found that the simplified models predict maximum pipeline strains within 5 percent of the exact values. For the third and fourth patterns of longitudinal permanent ground deformation, results are presented for the simplified interface model (rigid spring-slider) only.