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MUMOID User's Guide: A Program for the Identification of Modal Parameters

S.Rodriquez-Gomez, E.DiPasquale

NCEER-90-0026 | 9/30/1990 | 68 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Maximum Softening, Global Damage Index, Maximum Likelihood Estimations, Computer Programs, MUMOID, Structural Dynamics, Users Guides, Seismic Risk Assessment, and Damage.

Abstract: The computer program MUMOID was developed to compute global damage indices for seismically damaged structures on the basis of the vibrational parameters such as the Maximum Softening. As such, the program identifies the modal parameters of a linear structural system. Maximum likelihood method is used for the identification from the accelerograms recorded at the base and at some upper levels of a structure. A time varying equivalent linear system, is found for nonlinear systems, by dividing the recorded accelerograms in a series of time windows that may overlap. For each time window, structural softening is computed and the maximum among these is used as the measure of global structural damage.