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Modeling Strong Ground Motion from Multiple Event Earthquakes

G.W. Ellis, A.S. Cakmak

NCEER-88-0042 | 10/15/1988 | 54 pages

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Keywords: Strong Ground Motion, Multiple Event Earthquakes, Autoregressive Moving Average Models (ARMA), Databases, Modeling, and Strong Motion Accelerograms.

Abstract: Large earthquakes are often made up of several subevents. Thus the cumulative damage is higher than for single event earthquakes. Many procedures have been developed to simulate earthquake ground motion occurring from a single energy release; however, procedures to model accelerograms with several periods of strong shaking and relating the modeling parameters to physical variables hasn't been developed. In this research, a database of strong motion accelerograms from multiple event earthquakes including the 1978 Miyagiken-Oki earthquake, the 1968 Tokachi-Oli earthquake, the 1983 Nihonkai-Chubu earthquake, and the 1985 Michoacan earthquake were modeled by an ARMA process after first processing the records with multivariate variance and frequency stabilizing transformers. The modeling parameters were related to the time, magnitude, and location of each subevent and to the site conditions using a regression analysis.