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Modeling and Seismic Evaluation of Nonstructural Components: Testing Frame for Experimental Evaluation of Suspended Ceiling Systems

A.M. Reinhorn, K.P. Ryu and G. Maddaloni

MCEER-10-0004 | 6/30/2010 | 182 pages

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Keywords: Nonstructural components (NSC). Suspended ceiling systems. Experimental tests. Shaking table tests. Dynamic behaviors. SAP2000. Roofing systems. Floor motions. Wall distortions. Analytical models.

Abstract: The purpose of this report is to describe the development of a new testing facility for use with single or tandem shake tables to evaluate suspended ceilings and other nonstructural components. A large reconfigurable frame of 20 ft. by 50 ft. was developed to test a continuous suspended ceiling of up to 1,000 ft (sup 2). The frame has dynamic characteristics with variable frequencies to match those typical of floors and roofs with suspended ceilings. Analytical models were developed using the structural analysis program SAP2000 to estimate the dynamic properties and complete the design of the frame. The combined designs of the physical frame and the shake table motion allow for testing of a variety of suspended systems while simulating more realistic floor motions and eliminating side effects caused by wall distortions. This study describes the design of the frame and introduces the procedure for motion design which can also be implemented in other experimental facilities.