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Multidimensional Models of Hysteretic Material Behavior for Vibration Analysis of Shape Memory Energy Absorbing Devices

E.J.Graesser, F.A.Cozzarelli

NCEER-89-0018 | 6/7/1989 | 76 pages

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Keywords: Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), Earthquake Resistant Design, Ozdemir's Model, Hysteretic Behavior, Base Isolation, Viscoelastic Dampers, Structural Damping, Vibration Analysis, Protective Systems, and Seismic Loads.

Abstract: Ozdemir's model of one-dimensional hysteretic force-deformation behavior for base isolation energy absorbing devices is selected as a basis for more general models of material point stress-strain behavior. The modification of the backstress allows for the description of material behavior associated with shape memory materials. The shape memory material behavior characteristics are of interest for base isolation and structural bracing technologies due to their high damping capacity. The one-dimensional models of metal plasticity and shape memory material behavior are extended to three-dimensional tensor representations which involve deviator expressions and their associated invariants. The resulting formulations for the one-dimensional case are used in calculations for the cyclic stress-strain behavior of both models. The resulting hysteretic data show the convenient aspects of both models for one-dimensional analytical studies.