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Nonlinear Control Algorithms for Peak Response Reduction

Z.Wu, T.Soong, V.Gattulli, R.C.Lin

NCEER-95-0004 | 2/16/1995 | 96 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Nonlinear Control Algorithms, Active Control Systems, Shaking Table Tests, Peak Response, Parametric Studies, and Experimental Verification.

Abstract: A linear quadratic regulator has been used extensively in many control systems designed for structural control applications due to its stability and robustness. Recent results obtained from simulation, model experiments, and full-scale structural applications, however, show that it is difficult to employ linear feedback control laws to produce a significant peak response reduction when the peak response occurs during the first few cycles of the time history. In this report, a class of nonlinear control algorithms are proposed which can provide improved peak response control performance. Through extensive simulation studies and experimental verification in the laboratory using a model structure, it is shown that these nonlinear control laws can significantly improve peak response reduction under the same constraints imposed on the control resources as in the linear quadratic regulator case.