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Nonstructural Damage Database

A. Kao, T.T. Soong and A. Vender

MCEER-99-0014 | 7/23/1999 | 72 pages

About the Report:

TOC: The table of contents is provided.

Notes: The nonstructural components database (as of September 1999) in WinZip Access format can be downloaded from here.

Keywords: Nonstructural components. Databases. Damage. Strong ground motion.

Abstract: This report describes a nonstructural damage database, which provides damage information on nonstructural components in buildings and other constructed facilities in earthquakes from the Alaska Earthquake of 1964 to the present. It contains nearly 3,000 entries encompassing more than 50 earthquakes. Within each entry is a description of the damage to the nonstructural component, along with information on the building in which the damage occurred, as well as strong ground motion records, when available. Information has been gathered from various available publications, such as books, reports and periodicals. The database, in Access format, can be downloaded from the publications section of MCEER's web site (