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Open Space Damping System Theory and Experimental Validation

Erkan Polat and Michael C. Constantinou

MCEER-16-0007 | 12/13/2016 | 187 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Earthquake engineering; Damping; Damping systems; Energy dissipation; Structural control; Seismic protection; Wind vibration control, Testing

Abstract: This report describes the open space damping system that has been developed to preserve open space within the frame of its installation. The report describes the function of the system, presents a theory to predict its behavior and presents computational models to verify the theory. Moreover, the report presents an experimental study of a large scale model with the open space damping system that is used to acquire data for validating the developed analytical and computational models. Comparisons of experimental results in terms of structural drift, floor accelerations and force-displacement loops to results obtained by computational tools demonstrate the validity of the computational models.