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Optimal Control of Nonlinear Flexible Structures

J.N. Yang, F.X. Long and D. Wong

NCEER-88-0002 | 1/22/1988 | 110 pages

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Keywords: Optimal Control, Open-Loop Control, Control Algorithms, Closed-Loop Control, Nonlinear Flexible Structures, Closed-Open-Loop Control, Structural Control, Dynamic Loads and Seismic Excitation.

Abstract: The optimal control algorithms developed for applications to nonlinear structures are referred to as the instantaneous optimal control algorithms, including the instantaneous optimal open-loop control algorithms, instantaneous optimal closed-loop control algorithms and instantaneous optimal closed-open-loop control algorithms. These optimal algorithms are computationally efficient and suitable for on-line implementation of active control systems to realistic nonlinear structures. Numerical examples are worked out to demonstrate the applications of these optimal control algorithms to nonlinear structures. In particular, control of structures undergoing inelastic deformations under strong earthquake excitations are illustrated. The advantage of using combined passive/active control systems is also demonstrated.