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Optimal Polynomial Control for Linear and Nonlinear Structures

A.K. Agrawal and J.N. Yang

NCEER-95-0019 | 12/11/1995 | 112 pages

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Keywords: Structural Control Systems, Optimal Control, Optimal Polynomial Control, Nonlinear Structures, Hysteretic Structures, Active Control Systems, Hybrid Control Systems, and Static Output Feedback Control Methods.

Abstract: For practical implementation of active/hybrid control systems, static output feedback control methods, which utilize only the information measured from a limited number of sensors without an observer, have recently proven to be feasible. Accordingly, the authors present a class of optimal polynomial controllers of various orders of linear structures. The performance index to be minimized is quadratic in control and polynomial of an arbitrary number of states. Likewise, they also present a class of optimal polynomial controllers for the peak response reduction of seismically excited nonlinear or hysteretic structures. For each class of controllers, numerical simulations are then performed for various building and control systems combinations. Finally, the authors propose static output polynomial controllers which are extensions of the optimal polynomial controllers mentioned above. Numerical simulations are also presented for the static output controllers.