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Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies: Stage 1 Report

D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak

MCEER-01-0004 | 12/17/2001 | 108 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Earthquake mitigation. Earthquake mitigation policies. Earthquake losses.

Abstract: This stage one report is the result of a project on overcoming obstacles to implementing earthquake hazard mitigation policies. The report identifies fundamental implementation concepts, followed by an overview of the implementation process. The results of an extensive literature review about implementation and decision-making, incorporating perspectives from political science, sociology, social psychology, organizational behavior, and general systems theory are presented. Special emphasis is given to implementing mitigation measures to reduce the risk of earthquakes. Organizational requirements for implementation, the implementation network, and propositions concerning barriers to implementation are also discussed.