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Pilot Study on Seismic Vulnerability of Crude Oil Transmission Systems

T.Ariman, R.Dobry, M.Grigoriu, F.Kozin, M.O'Rourke, T.O'Rourke, M.Shinozuka

NCEER-90-0008 | 5/25/1990 | 114 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), Lifelines, Central United States, Infrastructure, Oil Pipelines, Liquefaction, Landslides, Historical Earthquakes, Ground Deformation, Future Earthquakes, Vulnerability Analysis, Buried Pipelines, Dynamic Response, Seismic Risk Assessment, Component Reliability Analysis, and Serviceability Analysis.

Abstract: The purpose of this pilot study is multifold. First, the study carries out a review and preliminary investigation on (a) the seismic hazard, particularly the liquefaction and large ground deformation potential in the New Madrid seismic zone and its neighboring area; (b) system configuration and operation; (c) seismic response and vulnerability analysis for pumping stations and underground pipelines; (d) component and system reliability analysis; and (e) post-earthquake reconstruction. Second, the study demonstrates a systems approach in which the findings of the review and preliminary investigation performed on various component systems and individual phenomena can be integrated and synthesized for seismic risk assessment of the system. Third, and probably most important at this stage of the research, the study identifies future research items that are crucially important to upgrading the accuracy of the risk assessment.