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Post Earthquake Reconstruction Strategies: NCEER-INCEDE Center-to-Center Project Proceedings of the Workshop on Earthquake Engineering Frontiers in Transportation Facilities

Edited by G.C. Lee and I.M. Friedland

NCEER-97-0005 | 8/29/1997 | 550 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Transportation facilities. Kobe, Japan earthquake, January 17, 1995. Hanshin-Awaji, Japan earthquake, January 17, 1995. Hyogo-ken Nanbu, Japan earthquake, January 17, 1995. Highway bridges. Liquefaction. Underground structures. United States. Urban areas. Reconstruction strategies. Earthquake resistant design. Retrofitting. Strong ground motion. Soil dynamics. Dynamic response analysis. Seismic performance.

Abstract: The NCEER-INCEDE Center-to-Center Project focused on the development of improved post-earthquake urban reconstruction strategies. Three specific tasks were conducted during the first three years of the project: 1) document experiences of agencies charged with restoration and reconstruction of transportation and water lifelines after the Northridge and Kobe earthquakes; 2) consider ways of improving governmental capacity for managing post-disaster response, restoration and early recovery; and 3) develop a model reconstruction system that is both robust and resilient. To further these goals, a workshop was held in March 1997, the proceedings of which are the subject of this report. This report contains papers and resolutions offered at the workshop on the topics of design, construction, performance and reconstruction of transporation facilities, especially highway bridges.