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Proceedings from the Fourth Japan - U.S Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures for Soil Liquefaction

Edited by M.Hamada and T.O'Rourke

NCEER-92-0019 | 8/12/1992 | 990 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Lifeline Systems, Seismic Performance, Liquefaction Mechanisms, Soil Improvement Methods, Soil Liquefaction, Ground Failure, Case Studies, Underground Structures, Liquefaction Countermeasures, Earthquake Resistant Design, Permanent Ground Displacement, Liquefaction Potential, Models, and Foundations.

Abstract: Together, these two volumes present sixty-three papers that deal with a variety of liquefaction-related topics. These topics include the effect of liquefaction on lifeline facilities, the assessment of liquefaction potential, the modeling of liquefaction-induced large ground displacements, case studies of the seismic performance of lifeline facilities and foundations, the dynamic response of underground structures, and engineered countermeasures against liquefaction. Many of the papers are based upon post-earthquake investigations of earthquakes which caused significant liquefaction-related damage. Some of these events include the Erzincan, Turkey earthquake (March 13, 1992), the Luzon, Philippines earthquake (July 16, 1990); the Telire-Limon, Costa Rica earthquake (April 22, 1992), and the Loma Prieta earthquake (October 17, 1989).