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Proceedings of the International Workshop Series on Remote Sensing: A Compilation of Materials from Workshops held in 2003 (California), 2004 (California) and 2005 (Japan)

Edited by Beverley Adams

MCEER-05-SP03 | 12/1/2005 | 0 pages

About the Report:

TOC: The table of contents is provided.

Notes: Papers and presentations from the first three workshops on remote sensing can be downloaded from here.

Keywords: Remote sensing. Disaster response. Satellite imagery. Damage detection. Reconnaissance efforts. Maps. Emergency preparedness. Object-oriented approaches. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Geographical information systems (GIS).

Abstract: Since 2003, leading experts in the field of remote sensing technologies have gathered for a series of annual international workshops to discuss its use in and application for improved disaster response. Workshops have been held in Irvine, California (September 2003), Newport Beach, California (October 2004) and Chiba University, Japan (September 2005). This CD-ROM contains PDF versions of the papers and full-color presentations compiled from the workshops, as well as a workshop review, list of programs, participant list, and summary of workshop resolutions and discussions for each workshop held.